Product name:Anti Hair Loss shampoo
Features:Anti-hair loss, hair growth, moisturizing, anti-itch
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Main ingredients
Ginger: The effective ingredients of ginger help relax blood vessels, improve blood circulation, improve the nutrition of hair follicles, and ensure the growth and development of hair.
Ginger also contains chain fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, which can nourish the hair and keep it healthy and strong.

Platycladus orientalis extract: Modern studies have shown that the extract of Platycladus orientalis leaf can promote local blood circulation, enhance hair follicle metabolism, remove dandruff, promote hair regeneration, and can be used to treat seborrheic alopecia.

Blue copper peptide: Blue copper peptide can increase the number of hair follicles and strengthen the capillaries of the hair follicles, at the same time improve the health of the scalp, prevent hair loss, promote the growth of new hair and help the growth of healthy new hair.

Principles of anti-hair loss shampoo
Excessive secretion of scalp oil will clog the pores (too much dandruff will also clog the pores) and severe inflammation. Slightly compresses the capillaries of the nutrient, causing the hair to become thinner. Until the pressure of the blood vessel breaks, the supply of nutrients is completely stopped, and hair loss occurs.

Anti-hair loss hair growth shampoo, after use, the effect is generally that the amount of hair loss gradually decreases until it returns to normal.

There are two methods: one is to remove the oil, and the other is to stimulate blood circulation and increase the amount of nutrition (generally use irritating plant extracts such as ginger, onion, garlic, grapefruit, orange, etc.).

How to choose the correct anti-hair loss shampoo?
shampoo must be targeted, because everyone’s hair quality is different, and the condition of the hair is also different, so the shampoo used is also different.
1. Mild shampoo, suitable for normal hair.
2. A powerful moisturizing shampoo, suitable for particularly dry and fine hair.
3, shampoo for damage, for example, for hair damage caused by long-term dyeing and perming, it is a care shampoo.
4. Anti-dandruff shampoo contains unique anti-dandruff ingredients.
5. Shampoo for removing hair oil is suitable for hair with heavier oils. Do not use this type of shampoo for dry hair, otherwise the hair will be even drier.
6. ​​You can use ginger shampoo for hair loss. Ginger helps to grow your hair. Ginger shampoo will not be too irritating.