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More than 10 years experience

Leying International Trading Company is a professional supplier that specialized in providing multiple categories of products of fashion and beauty. We offers products of five major catagories: jewelry, hair removal products, makeup products, hair care products and skin care products.

We proudly serve the international markets including North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America. Offering Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M.), high-quality products at a competitive price, low minimum order quantity (MOQ) and fast delivery.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the business and the clients' needs, for over 10 years, we’re know to our customers as the preeminent supplier of choice in the industry.

We welcome new clients and are ready to serve you with our utmost dedication and personalized service, regardless of your location in the world.


Our Values

The company mission is to give each customer top quality service during the whole process, from order to delivery.

We are able to provide countinued extra value to our customers, including


a)  One stop solution of beauty and fashion products to save customer efforts

b)  High quality products and cost effecitve offers

c)  Customized design and development of new products

d) All-round support for different language communication,inquriy,production, inspection,shippment. 


R&D Never Stops

'Quality' is best understood by the customers of our products.

Once the product is introduced to the market, we listen carefully to our customers' feedback. It is extremely important to us, so that we can develop our products all the time better to meet today's changing needs.

Our products are manufactured on the most modern and sophisticated machines under the supervision of highly qualified and experince personnel.

Our R&D is based on the question ‘Is this the best way of doing it?’ Answering this question enables us to meet both the end-user’s requirements and our wholesale clients’ needs of offering high-quality products at reasonable prices to their clients. We strive to bring these benefits to the everyday life of end-users, thus enabling brand improvement for our B2B clients.

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